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Data Transfer for Game Nights.

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1 Data Transfer for Game Nights. on Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:23 pm

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I've Compiled a list of possible ways to transfer the video files from Game Nights efficiently.

(*) Mediafire
Max Transfer Size = 2GB

An online file hosting system that allows you to share files up to 2Gb indefinitely. Post a link to the file to send people directly to the download.

(1) JustBeamIt
Max Transfer Size = ?

A browser transfer system that uses URL's to transfer data through online servers. I have tested the data capacity yet.

(2) FrostWire
Max Transfer Size = Unlimited

A BitTorrent Client that allows for simple posting and linkage of torrent files. Requires Setup and Option Modifaction but works quick and painlessly.

(3) Channel.Me
Max Transfer Size = ?

A dynamic file transfer system that is linked to your browser (mozilla/chrome) and allows for mass sharing of files via email and URLs. Seems that setup and customization might take more time than other options, still unexplored.

(4) DropSend
Max Transfer Size = 2GB

A direct link to any email address with a transfer link. Quick and Painless.

(5) Skype

url = ?
Max Transfer Size = ?

This is a foreign transfer protocol to me since I haven't used it. Other Users might people able to provide me with more information.

Thanks to TBDPRO
Max Transfer Size = ?

"I have been useing to transer video files over to my friend. After I upload to the site it gives me a link and i send him that, then all he has to do is click and download and I don't have to keep the page open for the link to work. Also, I think the file size cap is unlimited."

I hope this helps people move their data around quickly. Youtube transfers are a pain and should be eradicated with efficient programs.


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