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XP Trade-in's for VIP Status: Here

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1XP Trade-in's for VIP Status: Here Empty XP Trade-in's for VIP Status: Here on Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:03 am

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If you're interested in joining the VIP members for a month by trading in your XP, please post a message in this thread saying you would like to do so and the amount you'd like to trade in.


Hey I'm JohnDoe, I'd like to trade in 2000xp for 2 months worth of VIP status, thanks.

Seems simple enough, right? Well it is. As soon as the post receives some attention, your status will be updated and logged and you'll be VIPed for the appropriate duration.

VIP members:

  • Name (date VIPed, End Date)
  • Name (date VIPed, End Date)
  • Name (date VIPed, End Date)

Please remember to respect all community guidelines while in VIP status, violations will be dealt with more severely if they occur. Obtaining VIP status shows your familiarity with the forum and your understanding of the rules, and because of this, you should know better.


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