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Youtube SEO - Reviewing your techniques

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1 Youtube SEO - Reviewing your techniques on Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:16 pm


Site Staff
Site Staff
Hey, So... You're a youtube content creator? You want to grow your channel and become a full time youtuber and you can but you must follow some simple unknown rules to become successful.

Below is a set of imperative instructions to elevate your channel up the charts. Please bare in mind these instructions are put together by someone who works with WEB SEO.



What is SEO? SEO is an abbreviated term for 'Search Engine Optimization'

SEO is used in web development and site design to incorporate the most pivotal aspects of the site together so the reader or consumer can easily access the best and most relevant content. Typically SEO is important to website owners who want to make sure their content is top of the pile when a consumer searches a URL or types something into a search engine.

Take Google for example, when you search iphone in google you get the relevant ads supplied by adwords and the results which show you the most relevant and interesting sites. Apple is the first listing. Why Apple is first is simple, firstly, apple have the technology required to make sure their SEO is world class and that their iPhone is top of the pile, Secondly they have the best information and the place you can buy the product from including charts and various models so you the consumer can find out all you need too.

Now, why is this relevant to a content creator on youtube? Well, youtube uses a modified google search engine which amalgamates the best parts of search you require whilst giving you the most updated and respected elements of the youtube community.



Why SEO on youtube is important.

Your video is one of millions, your video could be one of millions in a certain category and is competing in that category to become top. The best way to think about youtube video's is this. Your category is a race, your video is a car and the top spot is the much wanted and coveted first prize which in this case is Views, Likes & publicity.

How do you get your online racing giant to the top of the pecking order without having to install nitrous oxide in the boot without anyone noticing? Well that's simple, you select the best terms, names and idea's and put them to good use. Why is any of this important though? Well if you think about the youtube website is a race track you don't have to pay for but can use whenever you want, you pretty much have a career without having to spend any money.

This is important because it let's you build up your persona' based on what people like about you or your content more importantly, youtube is a special website devoted to bringing the best content to people for free at the cost of watching an advert every now and then.


Collecting information:

Youtube is collecting information about your channel all the time, there is not a moment that goes by where youtube doesn't know what is building up on your video headquarters. They collect information and alert you when you're doing something wrong, they alert you when you're doing well and most importantly they alert everyone when you're doing something great.

Your channel could feature on the youtube homepage if it get's the valued and essential recognition needed for selection, how does your video fare up against competitors if the video is misleading or unequivocally ill prepared.

Simple, you need to use SEO to your advantage and here is where you find out how to emulsify the importance of the search engine with the results you will need to expand your youtube empire.


Instructions & Explanation:

Firstly you need to be aware that these will only help you if you have patience, this is not something you will notice straight away or overnight. Sometimes to notice any improvement in your statistics you will need to give your channel some time, this is something you will have to give some time to notice major improvements.

1. The Title. eg.

Your video is about Minecraft, it's the start of a brand new series and you want people to tune in everytime you post a new episode in the series. Your account doesn't have a distinctive amount of subscribers and you need more exposure to gain the audience you need and deserve for your hard work.

The Title is the most important in the SEO advancement and is to be carefully constructed to help gain your top spot in the search bar.

Minecraft Series - (Name of content included)/ Minecraft Series - (Your channel name)

The two examples above are something you need to look at carefully, as you can see there is one with a dash then your channel name or your internet name. A top tip when choosing your name is to avoid placing your channel name in the title, when someone searches for content they want to view they don't care who's posting it unless it's automatically placed within the search results, the Search Engine will also automatically remove channel names from the search results if the channel is of a small size, the search results will show them but only if the channel is of major significance.

The Title Highlighted "Minecraft Series - (Name Of Content Included)" is a great choice for new content creators as this allows consumers to have a vague insight into the video without having to click on the video giving them some chance to think about what the video might contain.

To open up the Title and draw the audience closer you might want to play around with the Title to best match what is contained within your video, for example, you may have a funny moment or an interesting piece of footage which is of interest or could draw your audience closer. The Title is the place for that content to be placed, the following title best explains a situation in your video, Eg. (A block in the house you've built in minecraft vanishes and you fall through it burning alive in the endless pit of lava below, losing all of the hard work you have strained to achieve for the past for hours.) The Title below would be perfect for this and would entice viewers to click on the video and start watching your series.

Minecraft - Missing chunks burn me alive

So, we have touched a little bit on the Title but what else could you possibly use to gain a larger audience without advertising? Well, there are a few more tools at your disposal which will help you gain that all important viewer base.

The Description:

So, your description is important to you for one reason. It's your's to do with what you please, you can post links, content and anything you fell the viewers may want to see.

This is not part of the SEO and is only for you and your channel subscribers to see. It is important though for you to post as much relative content in there as possible as the users may want to know about any music you use in the video as well as where they can view the first episode of the series or where they can keep up to date on your life or the channels name on the connected social networks. Use this tool to your advantage.

Next we move onto tagging, now... tagging is important in two ways, it helps youtube categorize your videos better and helps move your video in to the appropriate place when indexing the content you've posted. It's important you tag at least 10 relatively simple, relevant to your content.

Tagging is only really used for that reason, the next few things are minor but simple and easy to understand.

Your privacy settings want to be 'public'. Of course this is vital or your video is not listed in the search engine and therefore not viewable by anyone without a link.

The category selection is also quite minor in most cases but it helps categorize your video a whole lot better if it's placed correctly in the right department. (Minecraft videos are placed in gaming)

Lastly, finishing up the SEO techniques you should use, we should reflect on what we've learned.

Your structured SEO perfected video should be layered like this.

1. Suitable Title structured to contain the best parts of your content.

2. A description filled with rich content related to your video (for your fans)

3. Tags that best represent your video for better indexing results

4. Public listing so that fans can access your content

5. Categorizing your content correctly to ensure the listing is placed in the right place

Thanks for reading, I hope you gained some important and useful tips to help grow your channel.

2 Re: Youtube SEO - Reviewing your techniques on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:03 am


Forum Member
Forum Member
Thanks for this guide. I have been, until now, using bland and boring titles. I think that it is time to spice things up. Would you reccomend I go back and fix me titles, or just start fresh with my next video?


3 Re: Youtube SEO - Reviewing your techniques on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:17 am


Site Staff
Site Staff
Great guide thx for the info Smile

Lets make things a little more FreshSmile 

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