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Site Staff
Site Staff
With the resurrection of GSF by one EmergeGames, all of us members thought "maybe there's hope for this forum to go off and actually be active for once"...


We seem to just have another CB on our hands. Active, then WHOOOSH, gone. Me PMing asking to go organize this forum a bit and move stuff around, make it look nice and neat. I don't get a yes or no, I get a nothing. NOTHING. Sound familiar?

GSF also went back to a video dumping burial ground due to lack of rules and interesting people. Everyone left because it's the same active people everyday and that gets boring after a while. I do adore the individuals who were active on the forum, not videowise, but postwise.

Also, the Skype chat also turned into a video dumping burial ground. Whenever I'm on Skype, I kept getting these messages from GSF Skype Chat from someone barely active saying "Hey! I released another video! Watch it! Watch it now!" I made that to replace the dead chatbox. It was a good idea, but the people decided that they shouldn't take part in it after some others said they would (deja vu to game nights?)

My point is that GSF is dead and it will forever be dead. My other point is that probably none of you will read this and I'm just sitting here typing this long message and wasting my time doing so.

Also, like 3 weeks ago, the original rat pack admins (Josh, No1, and I) were actually thinking about starting a forum of our own. We all said it was a good idea, but we never really spoke of it since. If we can get a crowd of people as well as messages from Josh and No1, we can make this forum, but it will NOT be a video dumping place like GSF.

So, that's all. R.I.P.

This site is dead. If you need me, I'm hanging around Let's Play Central. Also, you can contact me via Xbox, Steam, YouTube, Skype, and/or my personal Facebook. The links to them are on the left. Just be sure to message me who you are and that you're from GSF or I will not respond. I will not respond to private messages. Ta-ta.

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Clan Dragon Tooth

Clan Dragon Tooth
Video Maker
Video Maker
Very one seems to be on this except me aha

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