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Want a New, Unique Gaming Channel to Watch? READ THIS!!

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Hello everybody!

My name is MrTrollTurtle and as you might of guessed i post video on youtube. Now yes, there are a lot of people like me, posting videos on youtube but i think i have a few good reasons to check out my channel.

So first of, ive been doing youtube since September 2012 so quite a long time now however this channel started in March 2013. Therefore i have a lot of experience. Ever since i started this channel i have stayed active to this day, and i have NO thoughts of changing that.

I love gaming and like many people who read this, i reckon you do too. Nearly all my videos are to do with gaming. I do a ton of videos talking about topics to do with gaming such as, PC Vs PS4, is TitanFall next COD killer, thoughts on the Xbox One and Ps4, and much much more! My love for gaming and youtube really shows in my videos as i put as much effort and time into them as i can. I always listen to my subscribers and will always consider a video topic if you were to propose one to me.

I absolutely LOVE the direction that this channel is going in, however i am having a problem gaining views and subscribers. Views and subscribers are NOT the reason i do youtube however any youtube can relate to me when i say that it would be amazing to have a large, or larger following. Now if you are reading this far then perhaps you are interested in what i have to offer from a youtube perspective? If so PLEASE check out my channel -
It really would make my day if you were to view or even subscribe if you like my content!

Thank you so much for reading this far, i hope you check out my channel and have a nice day Smile


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